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Examinations are provided by a combination of the doctor and the paraoptometric assistants. We use the latest in computer and laser instruments to ensure the best result. The examination will vary from patient to patient depending on the health of the individual and their visual needs. Typically it may include;

Medical History
Measurement of visual acuity
Pupil dilation (to evaluate the back part of the eyes)
Intraocular pressure (Glaucoma)
Blood pressure
Visual field test
Prescription (lenses or medicine)

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Optical Frames Dispensary

Our optical laboratory has the latest in equipment to not only fabricate your glasses but to maintain and repair them should they become broken or damaged. We are able to tint coat harden and edge spectacle lenses. We are able to provide you with any frame or lens design available. Our highly qualified optician and staff are able to adjust and fit your glasses to you for extended comfort and vision.
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Contact Lenses

We prescribe and evaluate all major brands of soft and rigid contact lenses. Additionally we prescribe custom designed contact lenses for special needs as well as special eye problems. Specialized fitting may include Monovision Bifocal contact lenses astigmatism contacts Ortho K and Keratoconus. We have experience in modifying and polishing contacts. Our staff is able to answer many of your questions and is available for ongoing contact lens instruction and training. In addition you can order your contact lenses and supplies ONLINE from our exclusive online shopping! Click on the Online Shopping button to the left to begin your shopping trip!
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The Dry Eye Tear Test

The Dry Eye Tear Test measures the quality of your tear film by measuring the lactoferrin and IgE levels in your eye. Lactoferrin is an important protein in the eye and has been proven in clinical studies to be an indicator of both dry eye and overall ocular health. IgE is a byproduct of allergic reaction in the eye and will help your doctor determine if your dry eye is caused by allergy. Tear chemistry is the most accurate and advanced method to determine the exact disease state of patients with Dry Eye.

Is the Test Right for me? If you experience symptoms associated with Dry Eye you may be a candidate for the test. If left untreated Dry Eye symptoms can often continue to intensify. If you are unsure about your dry eye symptoms ask your physician or eye care specialist if the test is right for you. Common dry eye symptoms include:

  • Redness

  • Dry Eye Feeling

  • Mucous or Discharge

  • Sandy/Gritty Feeling

  • Foreign Body Sensation

  • Itching or Burning

  • Allergies

  • Constant Tearing

  • Blurred Vision

  • Eye Pain/Soreness

  • Sties

  • Chronic Infection of Eye or Lid

  • Contact lens discomfort

  • Contact Lens Solution Sensitivity

  • "Tired" Eyes

  • Watery Eyes

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Testing Tears Before and After LASIK

Measuring the lactoferrin and Ige levels in your eyes prior to LASIK surgery is a valuable tool for your doctor. Laser surgery is performed on the cornea of your eye. The cornea receives a majority of its nutrition from your tear film. Thus, how well the cornea heals after surgery is dependent on the overall health of your tear film.

It is important to have both lactoferrin and Ige levels measured prior to surgery. This will ensure that your tear film is as healthy as possible prior to performing surgery. If your tests are positive for either dry eye or allergy your doctor can prescribe a course of therapy prior to surgery to alleviate your dry eye symptoms and/or allergy. By improving the dry eye or allergic conditions prior to surgery we improve the healing conditions within the eye and reduce the chance of post surgical complications.

If your exam shows that your tear film is reduced, your doctor may recommend punctual plugs as a method for enhancing your tear film. Punctal plugs are a way of plugging the tear drainage system so that your own natural tears stay on your cornea longer. Punctal plugs can increase the tear film quantity and have been clinically proven to elevate lactoferrin levels in the eye.

Ask your doctor about performing a tear chemistry analysis prior to your LASIK surgery.

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What causes Dry Eye?

Some of the underlying causes of Dry Eye can include the following:

Environmental Factors
Smoke, air pollution and/or sunny, windy, cold or dry air conditions.

Contact Lenses
Contact lens wear can promote the detrimental effect of increased tear evaporation resulting in general discomfort, infection, and/or increased protein deposits.

Tear production usually decreases with age and research has shown more than half of individuals over age 65 suffer from mild to moderate dry eye.

Medications and Conditions
There are several conditions—Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s Disease and Menopause— and medications which can lower your ability to produce tears.

Hormone Changes
Changes in hormone levels associated with pregnancy, oral contraceptives and menopause can contribute to dry eye.

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